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Why Counselling?

Do you feel anxious, worried or depressed? Do you struggle with relationships or low self-esteem? Are unhelpful thoughts and unconscious emotional processes causing you to remain in a cycle of repeated unwanted behaviour and negatively affecting your life?  As a qualified counsellor with many years experience I am committed to working alongside you, supporting and enabling you to look at these issues in a wholly unconditional and confidential environment.


Counselling offers a supportive, empathetic and confidential relationship from which to explore. It can offer a source of understanding, relief and comfort - giving you a chance to work your way through these issues. We will explore your situation together and discuss changes that you would like to make.


I believe that every individual has the internal resources they need to fulfil their own potential.

How Will Counselling Help You?

  • Offering unconditional support

  • Gaining a greater sense of control and acceptance of the things that have been difficult

  • Clearer thinking about your situation and your options

  • Feeling more positive and less overwhelmed

  • Better decision making

  • Learning coping strategies

  • Higher self-esteem 

  • Improved relationships

  • Self acceptance

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